Our own Data Integration & BI Platform. Designed for the enterprise and curious analysts.

CUBOT Platform is an end to end analytics platform that is usable by Data Engineers, Analysts and Executives. Connect to source data, schedule metrics, and derive calculated metrics easily through CUBOT.

  • ETL Functions & Scheduler
  • Server-Side Data Modelling and Data Processing Functions
  • Enterprise BI on the Cloud
  • Analytical Visualizations and Mobile Dashboards
The need for a Centralised BI
You have data in various databases and excel files which need to be integrated and correlated to derive insights

You have different people/departments using differing data you want all to have a single source of truth
Information sharing is difficult where shared, sensitive information is shared along with required information you need to distribute reports and data to your customers easily


Runs on servers as a centralized system, Accessed via browsers and mobiles Delivered to serve entire organization, not just a few MIS users

Data doesn’t leave your premises

  • Security administration with User and Group level Role-based Access with fine granularity
  • CUBOT Datawarehouse / data marts built on standard databases such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL

Don’t need to buy separate ETL, Meta Data tools and ERP Connectors

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Over 10 years in the field more than 50 blue chip clients in diverse industries such as telecom, financial services, healthcare


CUBOT is designed to facilitate the use of organizational data. It is easy to set up scheduling actions and configure metrics that will ultimately be used to track and improve business growth.

  • Imports ETL processed tables to create data models.
  • In CUBOT Designer, an analyst can join transaction tables with relevant master tables to connect information across silos.
  • A well designed data model is essential to downstream calculations and analytics.
  • Allows variables to be defined by an analyst.
  • CUBOT Configurator performs data aggregations, calculates measures, bins dimension values and more.
  • Tell CUBOT here if you have geographic or time series data, so that you can do more with it later on.
  • The brains to CUBOT.
  • View figures across data attributes and drill-down to the finest level of granularity.
  • Get Cumulative sums, percentage comparisons, ratios, cross-tabulated data and more.
  • Discover patterns within your data here in a few clicks.
  • Save and export the analysis, if you wish. Otherwise, schedule an analysis or a report to visualize in CUBOT.
  • Designed for executives and managers.
  • CUBOT dashboards are mobile enabled for executives on the go.
  • Share information across the enterprise through multiple visualization options.
  • Industry standard D3.js charts result in beautiful, presentable graphics.
  • Reports in tabular formats can also be created and distributed for operational or statutory requirements.
Why Cubot

CUBOT’s features, interface and pricing plans make it usable as a platform for different user profiles. These include:

For Executives

CUBOT is executive-friendly and can provide meaningful summaries for busy executives.
Executives can use filters across chart types to visualize trends, understand underlying causes through annotations and can be sent alerts to act upon based on pre-defined KPI thresholds.

For Analysts

Analysts or curious business users save the most time from CUBOT’s functions. This leaves more time for analysis within CUBOT rather than data processing functions that can be more time-intensive.
Analysts can understand data through simple measures and dimensions or can increase the complexity of analysis by configuring more complex measures and discovering patterns through drill-down analysis. Pattern finding is a key function where CUBOT aids the analyst.

For Partners

Company partners, distributors and larger network of individuals require data as well. This improves their understanding of the industry and business and helps in smarter decision making.
CUBOT’s security matrix is ideal for the same data to be shared across a large set of business users. Some users can be made to only have dashboard access where data is required to be published periodically while others can have the full feature-set of CUBOT.

For Customers

Like partners, Customers can be kept informed with CUBOT.
Usage trends, bill size trends, order details are some of the areas where Customers may be keen on their own data trends.

Team Member
Data-Driven Programmes


Analytics Head

Saregama has been working with Robust designs since half a decade now and this partnership has been a journey of great learning. The learning has helped in a lot more analytical approach towards big business decisions. Looking for more learnings together in the future cause our journey has just begun. I wish Robust Designs all the best for their future.

Cristobal Perez
Strategic Customer Success
Broadcom - Software Division

CUBOT offers a powerful, easy to use BI tool which every manager and top executive should use to know and understand easily the numbers coming from the organization. Self-service can be used for not expert users to create their own reports. Along with the great tool, they have an awesome team who are fully open-minded , fully engaged to understand and help you to implement any request that will help you drive your business. You could have a great tool, but without a great team behind that tool to support, you could end up getting stuck at critical points for your BI reporting.



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