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Synkriom Announces Partnership with BI Solutions Provider, CUBOT

Synkriom - Cubot BI

Synkriom - Cubot BI

PISCATAWAY, NJ, MIDDLESEX, January 20, 2021:  Synkriom, an end-to-end IT services and staffing solution provider, has announced a partnership with CUBOT BI to bring a host of Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Analytics offerings to the US market.

CUBOT BI, Chief Executive Officer Yadu Balehosur asserts, “CUBOT BI is a Corporate leader in Business Analytics with field proven pluggable analytics for Healthcare, Telecom and Financial Services. Synkriom's experienced consultants will leverage these in delivering Analytics to more businesses in North America and we are excited to go to market with Synkriom”.

Executive, analysts, and curious business professionals save the most time from CUBOT’s business intelligence functions. This leaves more time for analysis rather than data processing functions that can be more time intensive. Users of the platform can understand data through simple measures or can increase the complexity of analysis by configuring more complex measures and discovering patterns through drill-down analysis.

Based in Singapore, CUBOT previously did not have a presence in the United States to offer their end-to-end analytics and BI solutions. With the Synkriom partnership, however, CUBOT’s solutions are now available to U.S. businesses, providing plug and play analytics solutions to data engineers, analysts, and executives for meaningful summaries, trends, and insights.

“We believe that with outstanding business intelligence insights and customer service, we can help expand CUBOT’s reach and success in the United States,” says Komal Dangi, Chief Executive Officer of Synkriom. “Through visualization, analytics, and data extraction, we expect organizations to gain new perspectives on how data can be useful in a practical sense.”

Synkriom also leverages their proprietary product, VeriKlick, a hands-off recruiting solution powered by industry-leading advisors for finding the perfect hire. The easy-to-use interface lets you manage the talent acquisition and application process from start finish. VeriKlick does the searching, screening, and verifying so you can spend time interviewing and hiring the best interview-ready candidates.

As the demand for business intelligence grows, Synkriom and CUBOT meet it with technological innovation.

Komal Dangi asserts, “With the partnership of CUBOT and Synkriom, we aim to empower customers with the resources they need to grow revenue through effective BI and HR management by eliminating unnecessary costs, streamlining processes, and adopting new strategies.”

To unlock your business potential, Synkriom will team with you to meet your BI and analytics needs. Contact Synkriom to get started or speak to a U.S. expert (732-961-5233) to understand how we could work for you.

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Synkriom is a provider of end-to-end IT services and staffing & recruitment solutions for global companies and organizations. Synkriom is committed to long-term client partnerships by creating value across a wide range of processes with far reaching impact on client business models and ROI. The resource pool includes standard CRM, cloud, front and back end developers, as well as data analytics and networking professionals. Synkriom helps to power astute HR management supported by mobile platforms and cloud-based tracking solutions. For more information, visit

CUBOT is an end-to-end analytics platform designed for enterprise data engineers, analysts, and executives. The business intelligence platform connects you to source data, schedules metrics, and derives calculated metrics. CUBOT makes things simpler for businesses around the world by providing plug and play departmental analytics solutions for meaningful summaries, trends, and insights. For more information, visit

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